Arriving – University of Copenhagen

Arriving in Copenhagen

Arriving by airplane       

The Kastrup Airport lies about only about six miles to the southeast from the Institute.

See travel routes from the airport to the institute here.

  • Metro: The airport is at the end of the M2 Metro line  which travels into central Copenhagen. You can take the metro from the  airport station, Lufthavnen, to the Nørreport station. You should first  purchase a 3-zone ticket (DKK 36.00), for example at the  Airport DSB Travel Centre. If your ticket does not have the time already  marked on it, be certain to have your ticket time-stamped before  boarding the metro. Note that your ticket should still be valid for the  S-train.
  • Trains: Trains also run regularly between the  airport and central Copenhagen. The train platforms are beneath Terminal  3. These trains can be especially useful after midnight on Mondays,  Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the Metro has stopped running.
  • Taxi-cabs: It is possible to reach the  Institute by taking a taxi-cab directly from the airport. The cost of a  ride should be about DKK 250–300. Please note, that it might take longer than e.g. the metro.

Arriving by train        

If you are travelling by train, most likely you will be arriving at the  Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård). Taxi-cabs: From the station, you can take a taxi-cab directly to the Niels Bohr Institute, at Blegdamsvej 17. S-trains: If you are a little more energetic, you can also take one of the S-trains (S-tog) and then walk to the Institute. You must purchase a 2-zone ticket, for example from one of the automated machines in the station.

  • The northbound trains depart from tracks 9 and 10 (spor 9–10).
  • If your ticket does not have the time already marked on it, be  certain to have your ticket time-stamped before boarding the S-trains.
  • You should then ride to the station nearest to your hotel or the  Institute. The closest to the Institute are the Nørreport station (only  2 stops from København H) or the Østerport station (3 stops).

Directions for walking to the Institute:


Though Denmark is a part of the European Union, it still retains its own  currency, the krone. Both the train station and the airport have places  where you can purchase some kroner to use during your visit. Most places accept VISA as well as MasterCard with chip. Please note, that you need the PIN code in order to pay with VISA or MasterCard.    


The Niels Bohr International Academy is part of the Niels Bohr Institute  located at Blegdamsvej 17 in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen.        


The Niels Bohr International  Academy is housed in Building B of the Institute. Please ring the bell at the door beneath the “Nordisk Institut for Teoretisk Fysik” sign and visit the Academy's coordinator Anette Studsgård in her office Ba3 across to where you enter.  During business hours [8:30 am–4 pm, Mon–Thurs; 8:30 am–3 pm on Friday], you can enter without an ID-card through the administrative building,  Building A, which is across the yard from the Academy. See a map of the institute here.       

Coffee Room        

The NBIA Lounge and Coffee Room is found on the first floor of the Academy (room Ba9-10) to the right of the entrance. During the academic year, members of the Academy usually gather for coffee at 10 am or for  tea and cookies at 3:30 pm. There is also a free espresso machine  available for visitors to use at any time, and a large chalk board for  discussions. Read more about which social events take place at the Academy.   


Copenhagen is in the oceanic climate zone. During the summer months, the  typical temperatures range from 72°F (22°C) during the day to 57°F  (14°C) at the night. Winter temperatures often hover about the freezing  point. During February, the coldest month, the average high is 36°F  (2°C) and the low is 27°F (–3°C). [Copenhagen weather: Fahrenheit or Celsius] [Danish site: Danish (with radar) or English]        

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