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Exploring and Moving Around

Going out in Copenhagen

Maps, addresses, etc.    


  • Auctions: A bike is a must in Copenhagen. Cheap second-hand bikes, of varying quality, can be bought at bike auctions organized by the Copenhagen Police. Auction conditions here. Location on map here. Advice: go early and inspect the bikes beforehand.
  • Shops: A selection of bike shops that some of your colleagues have good experiences with
  • DBA: dba.dk, “Den Blå Avis” =  The Blue Newspaper. Not for just for bikes, it’s the Danish E-bay, say. Usually has several bikes for sale. The sellers are private people, and  the price is usually negotiable. If you buy, take care that the bike is  not stolen by demanding a receipt from the seller.
  • Danish bikes : Some information about the three-wheeled Christiania bikes.


  • Parking: Parking a car in central Copenhagen is expensive. Check the color-coded map how much to pay where.
  • Car rental: Several companies are listed on this website. Prices are high. Persons who can show a recent bank receipt with an address abroad pay less.