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Staff at NBIA

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Faculty  Position  Field  E-mail
Poul Henrik Damgaard Professor, Director Particle Physics phdamg*
N. Emil Bjerrum-Bohr Associate Professor Particle Physics bjbohr*
Matthias Christandl Professor Mathematics christandl*
Bergfinnur Durhuus Professor Mathematics durhuus*
Andrew Jackson Professor Theoretical Physics jackson*
Charles Marcus Professor Quantum Sciences marcus*
Ben Mottelson Professor Theoretical Physics mottelson*
Pavel Naselsky Professor Cosmology naselsky*
Martin Pessah Professor MSO Astrophysics mpessah*
Oleg Ruchayskiy Associate Professor Theoretical Physics oleg.ruchayskiy*
Christopher Pethick Professor Theoretical Physics pethick*
Subir Sarkar Professor Astroparticle Physics sarkar*
Jan Philip Solovej Professor Mathematics solovej*
Irene Tamborra Associate Professor Astroparticle Physics tamborra*

Junior Faculty  Position  Field  E-mail
Markus Ahlers Assistant Professor Astroparticle Physics markus.ahlers*
Jacob Bourjaily Assistant Professor Particle Physics bourjaily*
Christian Brinch Assistant Professor Astrophysics brinch*
Michele Burrello Assistant Professor Condensed Matter michele.burrello*
Oliver Gressel Assistant Professor Astrophysics gressel*
Tobias Heinemann Associate Professor Astrophysics heinemann*
Michael Kastoryano Assistant Professor Quantum Information kastorya*
Cynthia Keeler Assistant Professor Particle Physics keeler*
Jason Koskinen Assistant Professor Astroparticle Physics koskinen*
Philipp Mertsch Assistant Professor Astroparticle Physics mertsch*
Subodh Patil Assistant Professor Astroparticle Physics patil*
Mark Rudner Associate Professor Condensed Matter rudner*
Michael Trott Associate Professor Particle Physics mrtrott*

Postdoctoral Fellows  Position  Field  E-mail
Ajit Coimbatore Balram Postdoctoral Fellow Condensed Matter ajit.balram*
Pablo Benítez-Llambay Postdoctoral Fellow Astrophysics pbllambay*
Ilaria Brivio Postdoctoral Fellow Particle Physics ilaria.brivio*
Benjamin Brown Postdoctoral Fellow Quantum Information benjamin.brown*
Peter Denton Postdoctoral Fellow Astroparticle Physics denton*
Yuri Fujii Postdoctoral Fellow Astrophysics yuri.fujii*
Xiaoyuan Huang Postdoctoral Fellow Astroparticle Physics xiaoyuan.huang*
Yun Jiang Postdoctoral Fellow Particle Physics yunjiang*
Ervand Kandelaki Postdoctoral Fellow Condensed Matter ervand.kandelaki*
Angelo Lucia Postdoctoral Fellow Quantum Information angelo*
David McGady Postdoctoral Fellow Particle Physics mcgady*
Shunji Matsuura Postdoctoral Fellow Condensed Matter shunji.matsuura*
Farrukh Nauman Postdoctoral Fellow Astrophysics farrukh.nauman*
Mohamed Rameez Postdoctoral Fellow Astroparticle Physics mohamed.rameez*
Michael Schecter Postdoctoral Fellow Condensed Matter schecter*
Albert Werner Postdoctoral Fellow Quantum Information werner*
Meng-Ru Wu Postdoctoral Fellow Astroparticle Physics wu*

Adjunct & Associates  Position  Field  E-mail
Per Rex Christensen Associate Professor Cosmology perrex*
Zohar Komargodski Professor Particle Physics zohar.komargodski*
Benny Lautrup Professor Complex Systems lautrup*
Alan Luther Professor (Nordita) Condensed Matter luther*
Åke Nordlund Professor Astrophysics aake*
Igor Novikov Professor Astrophysics novikov*
Anders Tranberg Associate Professor Cosmology antranbe*

Visiting Professors  Period  Field  E-mail
So Matsuura 1.3.16-31.3.17 Theoretical Physics s.matsu*
Jens Oluf Andersen 1.8.16-31.12.16 Particle Physics jens.andersen*
Viatcheslav Mukhanov 15.8.16-31.12.16 Cosmology mukhanov*
Bo Reipurth 15.8.16-15.1.17 Astrophysics

PhD Students  Position  Field  E-mail
Thomas Berlok PhD Fellow Astrophysics tberlok*
Laure Berthier PhD Fellow Particle Physics berthier*
Amel Durakovic PhD Fellow Astroparticle Physics amel*
Leonardo Krapp PhD Fellow Astrophysics leonardo.krapp*
Meera Machado PhD Fellow Particle Physics machado.meera*
Gopakumar Mohandas PhD Fellow Astrophysics gopakumar*
Jeppe Trøst Nielsen PhD Fellow Astroparticle Physics jeppetrost*
Philipp Weber PhD Fellow Astrophysics*

MSc Students  Position  Field  E-mail
Jon Brogaard MSc Particle Physics nlq246*
Christian Berrig MSc Quantum Information mnv135*
Carsten Fritzner Frøstrup MSc Particle Physics nvt242*
Veronica Kirsebom MSc Astroparticle Physics jtf385*
Solvej Knudsen MSc Theoretical Physics dqw497*
Rasmus Peter Larsen MSc Particle Physics dtg933*
Quentin Marolleau MSc Quantum Information
Klaes Møller MSc Astroparticle physics xgb609*
Janet Rafner MSc Theoretical Physics/Art janet.rafner*
Bo Schmidt MSc Astroparticle Physics qkg619*
Anna M. Suliga MSc Astroparticle Physics zgs313*

Administration  Position  Field  E-mail
Anette Studsgård Administrative Coordinator Administration studsgaard*
Kaare Møller Grant Finance Officer Finances kmoller*
Sara Elisabeth Dahl Andersen Student Help Workshops, etc. dahl.andersen*
Laurits Fredsgaard Larsen Student Help Workshops, etc. fredsgaard*