Pavel Naselsky

Associate Professor, Cosmology

NBI personal page
+45 24 94 25 99

Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen
Building F, room Fb8

Pavel Naselsky did his undergraduate studies at the Southern Federal University of Russia and  then  he received his PhD in 1979 at Tartu University (Estonia). In 1989 he got Doctor Habitability degree at Moscow State University, Russia, working in collaboration with world famous  Yakov Zeldovich theoretical astrophysics group at the  Moscow University and the Space Research Institute. His collaborator for more than 30 years is Professor Igor Novikov.  

In 2000 Pavel Naselsky took up a position as Associate Professor at Theoretical Astrophysics Center (Copenhagen, Denmark) and at 2003 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer at the Niels Bohr Institute . He has been Professor of Theoretical Physics since 2015, and Head of the Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology department  of Niels Bohr Institute.

His current research interests include modern cosmology, theory of the primordial black holes formation, physics of the Dark Energy and the Dark Matter, physics of the CMB etc. Since 2000 Pavel Naselsky is working on the Planck project and from 2004 he is a Planck scientists. During last 5 years Pavel has published more than 140 papers devoted to the CMB data analysis from Planck mission.