Workshops and PhD Schools 2016

Sixth Annual NBIA Workshop on ESS Science (NBIA6): Structure and Dynamics in Confinement (November 7-8)

Higgs Effective Field Theory workshop (October 26-28)

First Workshop on the Physics of Excitatory Membranes (August 29-31)

4th ICM Theory and Computation Workshop (August 22-24)

Simons Program: Current Themes in High Energy Physics and Cosmology (August 15-26)

Fault-Tolerant Quantum Technologies (August 14-27)

NBIA PhD School: Neutrinos Underground and in the Heavens II (August 1-5)

Simons Program: Relativistic Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves (July 27-28)

Strong and Electroweak Matter 2016 (July 14-27)

QDev/NBIA 2016 Summer School (July 3-8)

Formation, Evolution, and Dynamics of Young Solar Systems (April 18-22)

Nordic Conference on Particle Physics (January 2-7)