11 November 2015

Irene Tamborra is new Knud Højgaard Assistant Professor at the NBIA

Irene Tamborra, presently at the GRAPPA Institute for gravitation  and astroparticle physics in Amsterdam, is newly appointed Knud  Højgaard Assistant Professor at the NBIA. This is a 5-year position,  generously donated to the NBIA by the Knud Højgaard Foundation. Irene  Tamborra will start her appointment on January 1st, 2016.

Irene Tamborra is a leading expert in neutrino astrophysics, an  exciting topics that brings elementary particle physics together with  astrophysics. Observations of neutrinos of astrophysical origin is a new  and promising way to learn both about neutrinos and their interactions  (including mixings), and about explosive astrophysical events such as  supernova explosions. Irene Tamborra will build up and lead a new  research group at the NBIA with focus on these subjects.