1 August 2016

Ben Brown publishes in Nature Communications

NBIA post-doc Ben Brown, in collaboration with Dan Browne at University College London, and Naomi Nickerson at Imperial College have developed the first error-correction algorithm for an exciting new code design, the gauge color code, which is of interest due to its favorable properties for scalable quantum computation. In their paper, which has just been published in Nature Communications, the authors use the error-correction algorithm to determine the degree of errors that the gauge color code can tolerate. Remarkably, their results show that the performance of the code is competitive with leading proposals, such as the topological surface code. Their results show that the gauge colour code should be taken seriously as a candidate for the architecture for the first large-scale fault tolerant quantum computers.

To read more, go to the webpage https://www.nature.com/ncomms/2016/160729/ncomms12302/full/ncomms12302.html.