1 August 2017

Simons Visiting Professor Itamar Procaccia wins EPS Prize

This year's Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Prize from the European Physical Society (EPS) has been awarded to NBIA's current Simons Visiting Professor Itamar Procaccia. Permanently based at the Weizmann Institute, Itamar Proccacia also serves as member of NBIA's International Advisory Board. The prize is given to Itamar Procaccia ”for his seminal contributions to nonlinear physics, in particular for the development of the Grassberger-Procaccia algorithm to analyse nonlinear chaotic time series, and the development of powerful theoretical approaches to describe complex phenomena such as multifractals, diffusion-limited aggregation, anisotropic turbulence and drag reduction in turbulent flows.”  Itamar Procaccia has made seminal contributions to several areas of statistical physics, the burgeon field of nonlinear dynamics, and turbulence. Spanning science from chemistry to physics, he has held positions at the MIT, the IHES, the University of Chicago among many others. Since 1985 Itamar Procaccia has been professor at the Weizmann Institute. While staying at the NBIA this fall, Itamar Procaccia will be at the center of activities related to the Simons Program, in close connection with members of the Niels Bohr Institute's Biocomplexity group.