9 October 2020

Irene Tamborra wins KIF Prize 2020


The Danish Network for Women in Pysics (KIF) has awarded the 2020 honorary prize to NBIA's Knud Højgaard Associate Professor Irene Tamborra.

The KIF prize is awarded annually to raise awareness about the importance of women in physics and engineering. This year’s award is given to a woman who acts as a role model and inspiration within the field of physics. Irene Tamborra receives the award because of her “exceptionally strong scientific profile”, according to KIF. KIF’s award committee appreciate that Irene Tamborra has built a highly visible research group around her as head of her AstroNu group and that she has shown persistence when facing gender-related obstacles.

Being a young woman in science often made Irene Tamborra feel like an outsider. “This feeling of being an outsider has, however, also driven me to branch out to other research fields, for example by taking the step from particle physics to astrophysics”, Irene Tamborra explains. She likes to pass on this experience to younger generations. “I focus on training my students in ways so that they can differentiate themselves”, she adds. “By being different, you bring something unique.”