24 July 2023

Martin Pessah receives grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark

Martin Pessah, together with Johan Samsing and Daniel D'Orazio at NBIA, has received a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark | Natural Sciences to carry out a research project on the subject of black hole binary mergers. The detection of gravitational waves ignited one of the most exciting revolutions in modern science by opening up a new window into our Universe. We will soon have access to statistical information about the distribution of masses, eccentricities, and spins of black holes in merging binary systems. There is currently an international race to develop the machinery to connect theoretical models to observations and understand how black hole binaries form and evolve like never before.  The project will be carried out in close collaboration with researchers at Princeton and Harvard Universities. The grant for 6.2 MDKK will support a PhD student and a postdoctoral researcher. 

In order of appearance: Martin Pessah, Johan Samsing, and Daniel D'Orazio

Martin Pessah

Johan Samsing