9 February 2024

NBIA signs Memorandum of Understanding with APCTP in Korea

Agreement between NBIA and APCTP :

NBIA Director Poul H. Damgaard has signed an Agreement of Cooperation for three years with the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) in Pohang, Korea.

APCTP was established in June 1996.

APCTP was established in June 1996, with Nobel Laureate C. N. Yang as its founding President. It is an international non-governmental organization with currently 17 member countries & regions Its aim is to lead in fundamental theoretical physics in the larger Asian-Pacific region.

It provides an academic platform to discuss frontier research topics and it promotes international collaborations.

Every year, more than 4,000 researchers participate in the conferences, workshops, schools, or long-term academic programs at APCTP.

The agreement between NBIA and APCTP focuses specifically on developing financial plans to co-sponsor international workshops on theoretical physics on either the Pacific Rim or in Denmark, upon agreement between the two institutions.