22 March 2022

Johan Samsing receives ERC Starting Grant

Louis-Hansen Assistant Professor Johan Samsing has been awarded an ERC starting Grant from the European Union for his project "Gravitational Wave Astrophysics and Dynamical Formation of Black Hole Mergers".

The prestigious ERC Starting Grants are awarded based on inventive and groundbreaking research ideas and are given to exceptionally talented young researchers with between two and seven years of experience after the PhD-degrees.

With his ERC Starting Grant, Johan Samsing will study the astrophysical landscape of dynamical formation mechanisms that could bring black holes to merge. This will provide new theoretical insight and observational tools to help answer the major outstanding questions of how black holes form and merge in our Universe using current and future gravitational wave data. The grant, of 1.9 million Euro, will allow Johan to hire post-doctoral researchers and PhD-students who will work under his guidance for the next five years.