Internet & Printers







Once you have established an internet connection within the Institute, you should  be able to print at any of the printers. The Niels Bohr International Academy has a printer on each of its floors:  

  • BA (first floor): HP LaserJet 4200 (0001E6B0649B)
  • BB (second floor): HP LaserJet 4200 (0001E69DA599)
  • BC (third floor): HP LaserJet 4200 (0001E69CD584)                
  • pslib: HP Color LaserJet 3800dn (8B6F91)






If you require any additional assistance or have any general questions during your visit, you can consult with the secretary, Michelle Westergaard, whose office is on the first floor of the academy, in room Ba3. Her telephone number is (+45) 35 33 78 70 and more information can be found on her webpage.