Living in Denmark


Checklists: Checklists for moving to Copenhagen from the local municipality, and from the Danish government

Embassies: List of embassies of other nations to Denmark

FAQ: The city of Copenhagen maintains a site that contains lots of useful info for newcomers, see






Bank account: General information on choosing a bank, opening an account and obtaining a Dankort and NEMkonto. Specific information on NEMkonto.

“På Beløbet?”: Asked in shops when you pay with a card. Means:  “Pay this amount, or do you want extra cash?” Reason: using ATMs of  banks other than your own costs money.



Companies: Find insurance companies and compare prices on this insurance guide. Ask for insurance packages (cheaper).

Health: Basic public health care is for free. Your yellow card or “sundhedskort” shows the address of your physician. You may choose additional health insurance.

Dentist: Dentist is only partly included in your basic health insurance. Take additional health insurance or just pay the dentist.

Repatriation: Think of insurance to cover costs of repatriation in case of severe illness or worse.

Liability: You are advised to insure against accidentally injuring other people or damaging their property. Such an  “ansvarforsikring” can save you lots of money.

Legal: Usually your “Ansvarsforsikring” already covers the cost of legal help. Otherwise consider an additional “retshjælpsforsikring.”

Household: An “indboforsikring” insures against theft and fire or water damage.