Workshops and PhD Schools 2018

Simons Program on Plasma Physics and Astrophysics (August 19-September 16)

Quantum Materials: QDev/NBIA PhD Summer School (August 19-24)

Current Themes in High Energy Physics and Cosmology (August 13-17)

NBIA & DARK Summer School: Multi-Messengers from Compact Sources (July 2-6)

Deciphering Hidden Dynamics of Soft matter: Seventh NBIA meeting on ESS Science (June 25-29)

Emergent Symmetries in Particle Physics, Cosmology and Condensed Matter Systems (June 20-22) 

Simons Program: QMath Masterclass on Tensors: Geometry and Quantum Information (June 18-22)

SDC Workshop on particle/astroparticle/astro-physics (April 18-20)

Simons Program: Quantum Information and Cosmology (April 9-12)