7 October 2015

Mark Rudner receives ERC Starting Grant

NBIA Associate Professor Mark Rudner has been awarded a prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

Mark's research is centered around a wide range of interesting new  phases of matter and quantum phenomena in condensed matter systems,  building on some of the great discoveries of the last decade. In  additional to unveiling new fundamental aspects of quantum many-body  systems, some of the more exotic predicted phenomena may even hold the  key to developing new robust platforms for quantum information  processing. The challenge now is to find actual materials or physical  systems where these exciting new phenomena may be realized. Motivated by  this challenge, and inspired by the great strides achieved on the  experimental side in recent years, Mark seeks to understand what new  robust quantum many-body phenomena may be accessible in driven quantum  systems.

The ERC grant will allow Mark to consolidate his existing research  group and expand in new directions. In particular, Mark's group will  explore new approaches for identifying and realizing topological  phenomena in driven systems, obtaining along the way a broader and  deeper understanding of quantum dynamics in non-equilibrium many-body  systems.