26 January 2018

Markus Ahlers receives Villum Young Investigator Grant

Markus Ahlers

NBIA Assistant Professor Markus Ahlers has been awarded a Villum Young Investigator Grant for the project "Deciphering Cosmic Neutrinos with Multi-Messenger Astronomy". It aims at identifying the astrophysical origin of very high energy cosmic neutrinos that have recently been detected at the IceCube detector in Antarctica. The origin of these cosmic neutrinos is one of the most puzzling problems in current neutrino astophysics. Markus Ahlers will employ an innovative IceCube data analysis to try to unravel the mechanism that can produce these neutrinos.

Markus Ahlers joined the NBIA in the spring of 2017 as tenure-track Assistant Professor, having previously held post-doctoral positions at Oxford University, Stony Brook University and a prestigious 5-year Bahcall Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The grant will allow him to hire two post-docs and a PhD-student over the next five years.