10 April 2018

Charles Bennett is awarded Wolf Prize

Charles Bennett

Simons Visiting Professor Charles H. Bennett has been awarded the Wolf Prize in Physics 2018 for founding and advancing the fields of Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Teleportation. The Prize is shared with Gilles Brassard from University of Montreal.  The award follows just after Charles Bennett had also received the Dirac Medal and Prize at a ceremony at the ICTP in Trieste. The citation for the Dirac Medal states that Charles Bennett he receives it for pioneering work in applying the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics to basic problems in computation and communication, thereby bringing together the fields of quantum mechanics, computer science and information, creating the field of quantum information science. The Dirac Medal was shared with David Deutsch from Oxford University and Peter Shor from MIT.

Charles Bennett is spending three months at the NBIA as Simons Visiting Professor, and is at the center of a Simons Program at the NBIA this spring on Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computation based on a grant from the Simons Foundation.