28 November 2018

Irene Tamborra receives Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation

Irene Tamborra, Knud Højgaard Associate Professor and leader of the AstroNu group, receives a three-year Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation. Irene’s project entitled “Neutrino Astrophysics” revolves around a fascinating elementary particle heralding the dawn of the multi-messenger astronomy era, the neutrino.

Neutrinos drive the yet mysterious engine of the most energetic events occurring in our sky, such as core-collapse supernovae, compact binary mergers, and gamma-ray bursts. This ambitious project will draw back the curtain on the role of neutrinos and the possible non-standard interactions of neutrinos in these environments. It will also shed light on the signatures of the yet to be understood physics ruling extreme astrophysical events detectable through neutrinos.

The grant will allow the hiring of two postdocs and one Ph.D. student. It will also provide funding to support a PhD School and an international conference focused on the grant subject.