24 September 2020

Carlsberg Foundation Research Infrastructure Grant to the Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Pablo Benitez-Llambay
Assistant Professor Pablo Benitez-Llambay
Martin Pessah
Professor MSO Martin Pessah

The Theoretical Astrophysics Group at the Niels Bohr International Academy is one of the world leaders in developing numerical codes to fully exploit the capabilities of computers based on so-called GPU processors. During the last few years several group members, led by Assistant Professor Pablo Benitez-Llambay, have contributed to the development of the GPU-accelerated code FARGO3D. This is a publicly available state-of-the-art numerical code suitable for investigating with unprecedented capabilities the coupled dynamics between gas and dust in protoplanetary disks where planets form. This GPU-accelerated code enables us to explore by means of massive, and efficient, simulations the vast range of physical conditions characterizing the birthplace of planets.

 This Carlsberg Fondet Research Infrastracture Grant will allow the Theoretical Astrophysics Group to acquire a powerful GPU server to carry out, in a sustainable way, simulations that are vital to understanding how planets form and evolve.