7 June 2023

Irene Tamborra is new Chair of NBIA's Science Advisory Board

Irene TamborraIrene Tamborra has been appointed Chair of NBIA's International Science Advisory Board, replacing Charles Marcus, who served for three years (2021-23).

Irene Tamborra moved to Denmark in 2016, joining NBIA as Knud Højgaard Foundation Assistant Professor. She was appointed Associate Professor with tenure in 2017 and became Professor in 2021. Irene Tamborra has received numerous international awards, grants, and honors for her research achievements at the interface between astrophysics and particle physics. At NBIA, she established from the very beginning the flourishing AstroNu research group working on particle and multi-messenger astrophysics. Her research has up to now been supported by the Villum Foundation, the Independent Research Fund through a Sapere Aude Grant, the Carlsberg Foundation, and, most recently, the European Research Council with a Consolidator Grant.