25 February 2024

Alessia Platania and Apoorv Tiwari receive Villum Young Investigator grants

New Assistant Professor Alessia Platania joins NBIA with a Villum Young Investigator grant entitled "Non-perturbative strings, asymptotic safety, and the swampland".

Alessia Platania is currently post-doctoral research fellow at Perimeter Institute in Canada. Prior to this she held positions as first post-doc and later Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Heidelberg. In 2018 she received a double PhD-degree in Physics from Radboud University in the Netherlands and Catania University in Italy.

Platania's research lies at the interface between quantum gravity, black-hole physics, and cosmology. Central in her research has been the exploration of so-called asymptotically safe gravity and its potential relation to string theory. With her grant from the Villum Foundation she will establish a junior research group with a post-doc and a PhD-student.

Louis-Hansen Foundation Assistant Professor Apoorv Tiwari has received a Villum Young Invetsigator grant entitled "Global Categorial Symmetries and Phases of Quantum Matter".

Apoorv Tiwari joined NBIA in the fall of 2023 from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Prior to that he held an individual Marie Curie Fellowship at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, following a post-doctoral position at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Apoorv Tiwari received his PhD-degree in Physics from University of illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA in 2018.

Apoorv Tiwari's research lies at the interface of condensed matter physics, quantum optics, and high energy physics. His currents research interests are focused on the recent discovery of non-invertible symmetries known as categorical symmetries. These symmetries appear in systems of quantum matter ranging from condensed matter physics to high energy physics.

Tiwari will hire post-docs and a PhD-student to join him in a new junior research group at NBIA.