15 March 2024

Irene Tamborra receives Elite Research Award

Elite Research Award:

At an award ceremony at the Black Diamond building in Copenhagen, Queen Mary and Minister of Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund presented the Elite Research Award to NBIA Professor Irene Tamborra for her research in the burgeoning field of multi-messenger astrophysics and in particular for her contributions to the understanding of the role neutrinos play in explosive astrophysical events such as supernova explosions and in collisions involving neutron stars.

Irene Tamborra joined NBIA in 2016 as Knud Højgaard Foundation Assistant Professor. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 2017 and Professor in 2021. Irene Tamborra has established the AstroNU group at NBIA with a broad spectrum of research topics within astroparticle physics. She has received prestigious grants such as Villum Young Investigator grants, a Sapere Aude grant, and, most recently, an ERC Consolidator Grant from the EU. The Elite Research Award includes a research grant of 1 MDKK and 200,000 DKK as a personal recognition award.