5 March 2024

Simon Caron-Huot receives Lars Kann-Rasmussen Prize

Lars Kann-Rasmussen Prize:

At an award ceremony on February 7th, former NBIA Asisstant Professor Simon Caron-Huot received this year's Lars Kann-Rasmussen Prize. The Prize was presented by Lars Kann-Rasmussen to Simon Caron-Huot in Auditorium A following speeches by Deputy Dean of Research Lise Arleth and NBIA Director Poul Henrik Damgaard.

After finishing his PhD-studies at McGill University in 2009, Simon Caron-Huot became a post-doctoral member of Institute for Advanced Study 2009-14 (the last two years on a joint appointment with NBIA). He was Assistant Professor at NBIA 2012-16, at which point he took up a faculty position at McGill University, where he has been since.

Simon Caron-Huot is the author of a large number of papers that in remarkable ways have shed new light on quantum field theoretic phenomena. His research is characterized by an unusual combination of very strong physical intuition with very strong analytical skills. For his work he has already received numerous awards and honors, including the Gribov Medal in 2017, the Hermann Weyl Prize in 2018, the New Horizon Breakthrough Prize in 2020, the Herzberg Medal in 2021, and the Larkin Junior Researcher Award in 2023.

Simon Caron-Huot receives the Lars Kann-Rasmussen Prize "For his fundamental and deeply original contributions to quantum field theory that have led to significant advancement of the understanding of physical systems ranging from high-density nuclear matter, statistical mechanics near critical points, to the interactions of black holes and the emission of gravitational waves".