21 June 2024

Tetyana Pitik awarded for the best PhD thesis in Danish astronomy 2024

Every year the Instrument Centre for Danish Astrophysics awards a prize for the scientifically most outstanding PhD thesis defended at a Danish university within the field of astronomy and astrophysics. For her work on the modeling of the multi-messenger emission from astrophysical transients, Tetyana Pitik has received the 2024 PhD award. Tetyana was a PhD student at the Niels Bohr International Academy until last November, working under the supervision of Irene Tamborra.

Through her PhD work, Tetyana has pioneered the exploration of the non-trivial connection between the neutrino and electromagnetic signals from gamma-rays bursts and superluminous supernovae, highlighting shortcomings in ongoing multi-messenger searches as well as proposing new strategies to address them. Tetyana is now a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley and Penn State University, supported by a prestigious fellowship funded by the National Science Foundation.