20 January 2022

Karel Proesmanns Receives Project Grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation

Novo Nordisk Foundation Assistant Professor Karel Proesmanns has received a Project Grants in the Natural and Technical Sciences 2021 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for his project 'Stochastic thermodynamics of synthetic biological circuits'.

The goal of Karel's project is to create a general theoretical framework to study the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of synthetic biological systems with particular focus on synthetic circuits in cell-free environments. To this end, the project will rely on the recently developed framework known as stochastic thermodynamics which makes it possible to study the fluctuating thermodynamics of small-scale systems that are arbitrarily far from equilibrium. Results from this project are expected to pave the way for new applications such as drug delivery and biosensors but will also, at a deeper level, create a better understanding of the thermodynamics inside biological cells.

The grant will be used to hire one PhD-student and one post-doctoral researcher.