21 March 2022

Vitor Cardoso receives DNRF Chair from the Danish National Research Foundation

Vitor CardosoThe Danish National Research Foundation has awarded NBIA's Vitor Cardoso a DNRF Chair to study and quantify quantum effects on astrophysical black holes. With the overall purpose of strengthening and enriching Danish research communities, the aim of the DNRF Chair grant instrument is to motivate and support Danish universities to attract and recruit particularly outstanding researchers from abroad.

Vitor Cardoso’s research uses black holes as new engines of discovery, using them to understand the dark content of our universe but also to test the very tenets of General Relativity. With this grant, Vito Cardoso will build up a group of young researchers in the field who will join a rapidly expanding group of scientists in gravitational physics at NBIA. The DNRF Chair will allow Vitor to hire two post-docs and two PhD-students who will join Vitor's research group later this year.