Simons Program

Since July 2016, the NBIA has been running a sequence of thematic programs funded by a generous grant from the Simons Foundation. The topics of these programs are centered around the research areas relevant for six prestigious Simons Visiting Professorships, one for each semester for the period 2016-19.

Participation in the thematic programs is open for all, but subject to a selection due to limited amount of space. The precise implementation of the thematic programs vary according to the subject, but will typically consist of sequences of 1-2 week workshops, of PhD-schools on focused topics, and of a running list of overlapping visitors with an associated seminar program.

The first Simons Visiting Professors have been Vladislav Mukhanov (Head of the Theoretical Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology group at the University of Munich), Steven Simon (Professor of Theoretical Physics at Oxford University), Itamar Procaccia (Professor of Chemical Physics at the Weizmann Institute), Charles Bennett (IBM Fellow, IBM Research), Alexander Schekochihin (Professor of Theoretical Physics and Fellow, Merton College, Oxford University), and Michael B. Green (Professor of Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University and Queen Mary University London). The Simons Visiting Professors for the fall/spring of 2019/20 will be Charles Bennett (IBM Fellow, IBM Research) and Paul Steinhardt (Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Princeton University).