Michèle Levi

Assistant Professor, High Energy Theory and Gravity

NBI personal page
+45 35 32 63 21

Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen
Building B, room Bb2

Michèle Levi got her academic education in Israel and earned her PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for her thesis "Effective Field Theory approach in General Relativity". Michèle then held research appointments at the Lagrange Institute of Paris of the Sorbonne University and at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of CEA Saclay and the University of Paris-Saclay.

Michèle has been developing the application of concepts and methods from Quantum Field Theory (QFT) to gravitational wave measurements and uncovering relations between QFTs and gravity since her graduate studies. Michèle joined the Niels Bohr International Academy as Assistant Professor on Fall 2019 where she is leading the research in the group “Gravity from Particle Amplitudes”.