Jeppe Trøst Nielsen

PhD Fellow, Astroparticle Physics

NBI personal page
+45 20 66 47 97

Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen
Building C, room Cc3

Jeppe Trøst Nielsen is a PhD student at the NBIA. He began his studies in 2009 with a transition from accelerator physics through condensed matter and particle physics all the way to cosmology and the large scale structure of the universe in his PhD which he started at the International Academy in 2013.

His work has focused on the framework of interpreting experiments though theories. With rigorous statistics as the main tool this resulted in a widely read and recognized paper in Nature Scientific Reports.

His current research interests include determining to which degree future experiments may discriminate between theories of the early and old universe. Observing the CMB and large scale structures will only takes us so far!